World Mulimpia 2019

Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Fundraising Promo:

Interview by Sam Kelway from TVNZ Breakfast Television:

What is World Mulimpia?

Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Incorporated has seven members who will be representing Haidong Gumdo Team New Zealand at World Mulimpia on July 11th-19th, 2019 in South Korea. In order for all seven members of the club to attend, they are working towards their goal of $30,000 in fundraising and sponsorship.

What will our 7 members of Team NZ be competing in?

We are training hard to compete in a variety of events including individual and team patterns, individual and team paper cutting and bamboo cutting.

This is only the second time Team New Zealand will be represented in World Mulimpia! We are training hard to show the world what we are capable of.

What will my donations be used for?

Return flights from Auckland to Seoul, South Korea: $1,869.00 x 7= $13,083

World Mulimpia Package that include, accomodation, food, registration for competitions, Haidong Gumdo Seminars: $2,681.00 x 7= $18,767

Total= $31,850

How else can I support Haidong Gumdo Team New Zealand?

Do you have Instagram or Facebook? Please follow @WhkHaidongGumdo on Instagram and Whakatane Haidong Gumdo on Facebook in order to support our #30,000 likes for $30,000 campaign.

The seven members going to Worlds are posting daily videos and inspirational quotes in order to give you a sneak peak of what we do, and what Haidong Gumdo means to us. We want you to be a part of our whanau. We want you to learn and grow with us as we work towards our goal of competing at Worlds and beyond.

With our community, we will then approach companies who have similar values to us for sponsorship in order to provide our whanau with even more ways to have fun and be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually.

Other fundraising opportunities:

Donate directly to Team NZ at

Whakatane Bunnings Sausage Sizzle: Sunday, June 2nd 8:30am- 4:00pm

Star Wars Episode IV viewing and cosplay: TBD

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