Our Sponsors

Our Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Club, which is affiliated with Haidong Gumdo New Zealand, has seven members who will be representing Haidong Gumdo Team New Zealand at World Mulimpia on July 11th-19th, 2019 in South Korea. When you sponsor us, you are supporting our whanau get to Korea.

We will proudly wear gear with your brand featured on it within the Bay Of Plenty and while touring across South Korea. Our club has a growing social media presence that we will be utilizing to showcase our skills and feature your brand.

For promo video visit GoGetFunding.com/whkhaidonggumdo.

Please contact Danyel Degenhardt at 021 889 329 or whkhaidong@gmail.com for our sponsorship package.


Current Sponsors:

Bronze Level: Sponsorship available

Silver:ย Sponsorship available

KB Visuals: https://www.whakatane.info/business/kb-visuals

KB Visuals is your local design company!

Printing since 1992, They are based in the heart of Whakatane. Whakatane Haidong Gumdo has utilised services from logo/graphic design to the supply and screen printing a variety of gear.

Shayne Robinson, the owner of KB Visual, is an active member of our club and will be going for his Black Belt with his son Noah at the end of 2019!

Gold Level: Sponsorship available

Platinum Level: Sponsorship Available

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