Weekly: Bay Mulimpia | April Wrap

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.

J.W. Van Goethe

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending where in the world you are reading this.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you just have this moment and realise that anything is achievable?

We understand that if you accept the challenge, anything is possible.

As April wraps up and a brand new month begins, this could be your chance to pursue that goal you’ve always wanted to achieve but never believed possible.

In this edition of the Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Weekly, we look back at a historic month and bring you some exiting tournament news!

Preview: The Week Ahead

A new week, a new month! Its called April.

For Tuesday night training we will be holding a club meeting and potluck. The aim of this meeting is to plan for the rest of 2023, organise fundraising and for people to bring any new idea’s to the table.

Regular training will resume on Sunday morning.

We have a few Star Wars nerds in the club so it seemed injustice to not mention that this Thursday falls on the May The 4th. May the force (4th) be with you!

Review: The Week Behind

HGNZ Training (Tuesday)

On Tuesday, a group of Whakatane Haidong Gumdo club members traveled to Budo South Martial Arts in Tauranga. The two club’s then trained together for a lengthy six hours. Taught by Master Garry Carpenter, Headmaster of Haidong Gumdo New Zealand, the training covered off basic’s, concentrations and long pattern’s.

Tuesday Training

Tuesday night training was cancelled due to the lack of people able to train. Soreness from grading was also a factor in this.

Sunday Training

Sunday morning training was a casual morning of practice and chatting to finish off the month.

In The Spotlight

Bay Mulimpia

Budo South Martial Arts and Team KO are coming together to create a development tournament. This event will included Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo. Save the date, 2nd of September at Tauranga boys colleague.

Whakatane Haidong Gumdo is planning on sending a team to this tournament. More details to follow.

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