Father and Daughter Black Belts

Today was a special day for 12 year old Brooke Power and her father Chris (we don’t need to say how old). After the a challenging year that included cancelled gradings only days before due to the pandemic, there was no uncertainty that they deserved the Black Belts by the end of today’s grading.

The grading took place at Master Garry Carpenter’s Budo South Martial Arts Club with Paul, Jeremy and Euna achieving their Black Belts as well. Their path to Black Belts today included 20 patterns skillfully performed in a variety of intensities, and with unique adaptations forcing them to keep their focus. Papercutting and many burpees, squats and other exercises were also completed.

Brooke said afterwards “I’m happy and proud of myself.” Within Haidong Gumdo New Zealand, Brooke is the youngest to ever achieve a Black Belt. Her father Chris said his favourite part was “When they announced that we all passed!”

As the Head Instructor of the Whakatane Haidong Gumdo Club, Danyel Degenhardt said “I couldn’t be more proud of what these two accomplished. Any Black Belt is an accomplishment. Getting your Black Belt during a world wide Pandemic is next level!”

It was a special day for Danyel too as he was presented with his 2nd Dan Black Belt today. “I’m looking forward to continuing to build our club with two more Black Belts to help out with training.”

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